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Features :

  • The strip tension of whole line is controlled by automatic P.I.D. (program interlocked digital ) controller to ensure steady unwind & rewind and coating process.

    Special designed reverse coater can ensure bright paint coating on surface and even thickness of dry film.

    Fast production speed, better coating effect than standard coating lline , with better t-bend test result.

    Curing oven temperature controlled by P.I.D., temperature controlled within +,-1°C.

Item & Type CCL-1600-AL30 (2C2B) CCL-1600-AL45 (2C2B) CCL-1600-AL60 (2C2B)
Coating paints Polyester, SMP, PVDF, Epoxy, Acrylics Urethanes
Production speed 30 M/min. (Max.) 40 M/min. (Max.) 60 M/min. (Max.)
Oven Heating NG / Electricity
Material Aluminum Coil Aluminum Coil & Galvanized Steel
Product Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm
Product Width Width:1,000-1600mm
Coil O/D Ø1400 mm Ø1,500 mm Ø1,800 mm
Coil I/D Ø405 mm,Ø508 mm
Coil Weight 5,000 kgs (max.) 7,000 Kgs (max.) 10,000 Kgs (max.)
Compressed Air Consumption 0.2~1.2 M3/min @ 0.7MPa Clean & Dry
The above specification is for reference only. Customers' specification is available upon requests.
ALUMAX has the right to make any change.

In order to achieve faster coating speed , better coating effect and capable of coating marble or wood pattern (by using special roller on 2nd coating), we present a more sophisticated design of coating line, it is called:
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